Saturday, September 29, 2007

Keener Kit - Sept 29 2007 Edition

Here are a few names you want to think about as you shuffle your rosters to find those sleepers:

Jonathan Bernier, G, LA
Bernier got a vote of confidence by starting in the Kings season opener vs the Ducks. He has taken and ran with it, and I can't see anyone else within the depth chart taking his starting job away. Get him quick.

Andrew Cogliano, F, EDM
Cogliano has gotten off to a good start and will look to log some good time in his rookie season with the Oilers. On a team with little to provide in the way of offense, he will be called upon to log some big minutes. If all goes to plan, he could put up a surprisingly strong numbers.

Niklas Kronvall, D, DET
The jury is out on Kronvall in terms of his overall potential but you do not want to overlook this guy as he starts to come into his own. The question is whether he is still a season away from playing the role the Wings see him in. Still worth the risk if you're lacking defensive depth.

Bobby Ryan, F, ANH
Is going to step in and play with some talented skaters, no matter where he goes. Once again this is a calculated risk which involves high potential.


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hockey Equipment

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Little More Fantasy

I've doing a few fantasy drafts and I've noticed a few things.

1. The wingers go fast. If you need to get your wingers, take them before your centers. Many leagues are designed where you need two times as many wingers as you do centers. The fact of the matter is that the majority of scoring forwards play at center (so theyre in the slot), and the wingers are left with much less depth. However, if the franchise wingers go first, you will need to prioritize a bit.

2. Take your goalie in the second round. Unless its Luongo, get your hands on a franchise forward first. The exception is if there is only one franchise goaltender left, whereas there are a few solid forward picks left. If that is the case, lock up the goalie, then have a few options left for a good forward.

3. Watch what other players are lacking, and will be looking for. The casual player doesn't scrutinize what other people are doing. In other words, if everyone after you has their goalies, don't take a goalie. If you need that goalie badly, wait for the next round when it's your turn again.

4. If you're at the end/beginning of rounds, take two different types of players. You want to diversify the picks you make so to get your hands on the players you need in every category. Stocking up on only forwards or defense at a given moment will cause you to have less depth the next round, and you will likely make a 'desperation pick' as I call it. A 'desperation pick' is when you take a player based 100% on his playing position and not on his merit. For example, if you grabbed Fredrik Norrena because you needed a goalie badly when Mats Sundin (or someone in the 70 pt range) was still available.


Sunday, September 9, 2007

Top 10 Fantasy Sleepers for 2007-2008: Goaltenders

1. Carey Price, MTL - Projected Round - 3/4 to completion
2. Manny Legace, STL - Projected Round - 3/4 to completion
3. Mike Smith, DAL - Projected Round - 2/3 to completion
4. Pascal Leclaire, CLB - Projected Round - Undrafted
5. David Aebischer, PHX - Projected Round - 3/4 to completion
6. Dan Sabourin, PIT - Projected Round - Undrafted
7. Nikolai Khabibulin, CHI - Projected Round - 2/3 to completion
8. Jose Theodore, COL - Projected Round - Undrafted
9. Martin Gerber, OTT - Projected Round - 3/4 to completion
10. Jean-Sebastian Aubin, LA - Projected Round - Undrafted

To me, what constitutes a sleeper goaltender is someone who either has never started but has that potential, or is someone on a weak team who could sieze the starter's role. Expect Legace, Leclaire and Khabibulin to grab the No. 1 job for the bulk of games. Price, Smith and Theodore all have potential to steal a number one position, but are in a bad situation to do so. Sabourin and Smith are both goalies who could steal you a few wins if the number one gets injured. Aebisccher is my choice for the man who plays the most games in Phx over LeNeveu, Auld and Telqvist. Theodore and Gerber have both proven their calibre, but need to be traded in order to have any impact. In the case of Aubin playing in LA, he only really has to beat out Cloutier.



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