Thursday, June 28, 2007

2007 Draft: Who might jump in this season?

We've all heard about how the 2007 NHL draft class was not the deepest in recent history. This may be true, but that's primarily in terms of how soon immediate help can come. I will give you a guy who could, and might step right in:

Angelo Esposito, 1/20, Pittsburgh. As Michel Therrien said 'Good players like playing with good players'. Esposito just had a reality check when he stumbled from ranking first 1st, to 8th, to eventually going 20th. It is notable that Esposito's success came while on a line with Alexander Radulov (Nashville) which earned him a #1 mid-term ranking. When Radulov's training wheels were taken off in Nashville, Esposito soon realized that he may not be the franchise player he and scouts envisioned. But that doesn't matter when you're surrounded by the talent found in Pittsburgh. If Jordan Staal can do it, Esposito can do it. If you're considering drafting Esposito, keep in mind that its better to take a risk on a youngster than to go for a proven veteran with little upside. In other words, if its the last round, don't take Doug Weight. Take Esposito.



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