Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Crosby vs. Lecavalier meets a fine point on Friday

I remember back in the rookie season of Sid the Kid, things seemed to be all about Crosby and Ovechkin.

Well, with that season well in the past and Crosby well ahead in both points and attention, its easy to see why the media has looked for others to compete with him for superstardom. As it stands, Lecavalier and Crosby are part of a three way tie for first with Ilya Kovalchuk.

On Friday we will see the two play each other in what may turn out to be an interesting game. Sure, neither of the two turned up on the scoreboard after their last matchup, but boy was it ever evident that they wanted to. Whether he likes to admit it or not, Crosby has an insatiable desire to be better than everyone else. With the scoring lead in sight in 06-07, he put up 6 points to get himself there. And while playing Ovechkin and the Capitals he has always pulled out the theatrics as well as the points.

In the previous game between the Penguins and Lightning, there were an uncommon number of memorable moments. One minute Sid was taking a shot with one hand on the stick and the next Vinny was getting robbed by Conklin. Even if neither puts up points - which is statistically almost impossible to happen for a second time - it is sure to be an exciting game.

Tampa Bay will be at Pittsburgh on Friday the 18th of January at 7:30 PM ET. Not to be missed.

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