Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Leafs Free Agency Notes

Leafs sign Jeff finger for 4 years at 3.5 million a season, Cujo returns for 1 year at 700,000, and Niklas Hagman for 4 years at 12 million.

Who the hell is Jeff Finger? I think the only reason I know who this guy's name is because it's a wierd one.

How did Cliff get pushed into offering him 3.5 a pop? Was he drunk? That shows you how desperate the Leafs are for young talent.

Finger's stock will go up this year and narrow the gap of what he's worth and what he's being paid, so whatever.

But that is no excuse at all. If you look at Detroit, they tend to sign players for what theyre worth at the time, then slowly get a bargain as they improve. The Leafs prefer to gamble that they will improve after they've lured them a with big pay raise. But it hasn't worked that way for many of the Leafs in recent history, has it?

Signing Hagman is a good short term decision. He's in a good age-zone at 28, and had a coming out party last season in Dallas with a 27-goal performance.

Hagman is a bit inconsistent at times, and will definitely fit in with the mediocre forward contingency the Leafs have.

And how about CUJO! Anyone else think this is a splendid deal? When I first read about the possibility I assumed it was just another one of those recurring rumours that would never go away, and never happen. What d'ya know, he's back with the buds for one last run.

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