Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sundin is headed to...

Well, August first came and went for Leafs fans with no decision from the Sundin camp. But can you really say, hindsight 20/20, that this is a shock?

Do you think Sundin is the type of guy to hype up a decision he makes, to the point where hes going to give an exact date for it? No. The only reason he keeps making the headlines is because the media keeps badgering him about it, combined with the growing impatience and demand for a decision to be made by him. Sorry guys, that's not how he rolls.

If you're impatient about the situation, then at least know that he will decide sometime before training camp and leave it at that. He's not going to pull a Niedermayer.

The more speculation there is about Sundin's decision, the more people become impatient, and this compounds because people actually believe that if they're hearing more about it in the news that he is close to making a decision. Last summer I completely ignored the Sundin situation because I just couldn't be bothered. The best decision is to not think about it, because the news and media have no influence on his decision, and neither will the growing impatience of his fans.

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